Seismomatics is the fusion of mathematics, statistics, phyisics and data mining at the service of those disciplines interested in the space-time analysis of natural or antropogenic catastrophes. The fusion of mathematics with statistics implies that seismomathics works under the paradigm of space-time uncertainty.

The purpose of the first international conference on Seismomatics is to merge contributions to the analysis and prediction of catastrophes, coming from fields as diverse as statistics, mathematics (in particular, PDE and numerical analysis), data mining, and physics. All these fields have been considerably active, in the last 50 years, in the context of seismic data, ocean currents modelling, air pollution, and many other branches of application, such as, for instance, tornados and air and water pollution.

Unfortunately, there seems to be little interaction between these disciplines. In the case of earthquakes, for instance, Yan Kagan points out that theoretical physics has largely failed to explain and precidt earthquakes occurrences. Among various points he highlights, the following is especially attractive to space-time statisticians: ” The intrinsic randomness of earthquake occurrence necessitating the use of stochastic point processes and appropriate complex statistical techniques”. Clearly, an improved interaction between these communities will offer the key for a better assessment and prediction of earthquakes occurrences, sizes distributions, focal mecanisms (these last being extremely difficult to theorize).

Similar considerations can be made for other fields, such as oceanography (see Samuel Hormazabal’s works), and comparatively little has been done for stochastic modelling of tsunamis. In conclusion, we believe it is time to join these communities, find a common starting point and common frameworks, paradigms and methodologies for a better
assessment of these phenomena.

Welcome to Seismomatics and Welcome to Valparaiso!


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