Program (updated)


  • Earthquakes in Chile: characteristics and the new observation system. Sergio Barrientos
  • Earthquake and statistics. Yan Kagan
  • An ANOVA-type for replicated spatio-temporal point processes point patterns with an application to tornadoes. Jorge Mateu
  • Identifying influential model choices in complex statistical models.Peter Green
  • Using first digit anomaly for ground base seismicity studies undernoisy subduction environments. Patricio Toledo
  • Paleoseismology and tsunami geology in Chile. Marco Cisternas
  • The New Zealand probabilistic tsunami hazard model. William Power
  • Modeling both the frequency and magnitude of extreme events. Hao Zhang
  • Seismic hazard and seismic bulletin analysis. David Steinberg
  • A volunteer smartphone-based sensor networks for real time detection of earthquakes. Francesco Finazzi
  • Quantifying the uncertainty in the spatial layout of rock type domains using Plurigaussian simulation. Xavier Emery
  • The statistical analysis used to understand the ocean dynamic in the Perú-Chile current system. Samuel Hormazábal
  • Regional climate informatics. Doug Nychka
  • Evaluating the impacts of climate change on diurnal wind power cycles using multiple regional climate models. Mandy Hering
  • Detecting change-point in extremes. Ying Sun
  • Elliptical spatial linear models. Manuel Galea
  • Predictor-Dependent modeling for bivariate extremes. Daniela Castro
  • High-order composite likelihood inference for max-stable distributions. Marc Genton
  • Feature based calibration and validation of physical models. Will Kleiber
  • Multivariate spatial modeling for large datasets: backfitting, tapering and spam. Rehinardt Furrer
  • Multivariate spatio-temporal modeling of air quality at continental level with application to multiresolution population exposure distribution. Alessandro Fassó
  • Gaussian conjugate framework for the estimation of high dimensional covariance matrices. Alexis Hannart
  • On the geometry of Bayesian inference. M. de Carvalho
  • Determinantal point process models and statistical inference. Jesper Moller
  • Inference of a hidden spatial tesselation from multivariate data. Guilles Guillot
  • Modelling social networks for epidemiological surveillance. Renato Asuncao


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